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Arizona Dams Beavers in OT, Wins 81-73

It wasn't the best of games, nor was it the worst of games, but it sure was a helluva fun game.

In a game where it started off sloppy and slow, not many expected a wild and rugged second half and on top of that an overtime. In that overtime, Arizona Wildcats (12-5) hung on to defeat Oregon State (11-6) 81-73.

With the ball to win it, Oregon State's Ahmad Starks wide open game winner just missed and Arizona let go a sigh of relief.

Once in overtime, the game got chippy, just as our very own Kevin Zimmerman predicted in the Gamethread.

With Arizona up 77-73, Kyle Fogg hit a layup and was fouled and then bumped into OSU's Jared Cunningham. Cunningham took exception to the bump and proceeded to push Fogg a tad harder. This caused an overreaction from everyone except Nick Johnson (who acted very 'cooly' and from my best recollection held back Josiah Turner and one other teammate; most likely saving them from a potential suspension). Kyryl Natyazhko however, channeled his inner Drago (the boxer from Russia in Rocky 4) and attempted to enter the fight, but lucky half the team was holding him back. His attempt to enter the 'scrum' earned him an ejection from the game.

Not to be overshadowed from the fight was Brendon Lavender's coming out party. He had 18 points on six of seven shooting including five out of six from behind the arc. Nick Johnson also broke out his SoCal slump by putting in 19 of his own.

The Wildcat's leading scorer, as well as the game's high man, was Kyle Fogg with 23. On Oregon State's side, their high man was Jared Cunningham with 22. He was four for six from deep, making many contested shots look easy.

The rest of the Cat's, which has been more prevalent lately, were not on their game with only Lavender, Fogg and Johnson scoring more than seven points. That is something Miller will most certainly address in the upcoming days and weeks.

With the win, it pushes Arizona to 3-1 in the Pac-12 and they will face the Oregon Ducks on Saturday, at 1:30pm Tucson time.