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Scrum shows toughness of Arizona, Oregon State; no players suspended

Last night's game between Arizona and Oregon State was predictable, if only because it showed that the Wildcats and Beavers might be the two toughest teams in the Pac-12.

Thankfully, it wasn't a remake of the Xavier and Cincinnati brawl from earlier this season that cast ugly shadows upon two solid basketball programs.

After a Pac-12 review, nobody from last night's scuffle that marred a hard-fought 81-73 Arizona Wildcats' victory will be suspended, ESPN's Andy Katz reports.

The incident started late in overtime, when Kyle Fogg hit a fastbreak layup, and preceded to bark and run into OSU's Jared Cunningham. The OSU guard then shoved Fogg out of the way, and it appeared that Cunningham got into it with some other Wildcats, which spurred the Arizona bench to partially clear.

Kyryl Natyazhko was ejected for leaving the bench (in the video above toward the very end, it's amazing how quickly UA coach Sean Miller scares him back to the bench). So too was the Beavers' Joe Burton, who was sent off the McKale Center floor for the second time in two games. Fogg and Cunningham were given technicals, but apparently all the punishment during the game was enough to send a message, Pac-12 official Dave Hirsch told Katz.

It was unclear from replays whether Fogg was really trying to get into Cunningham's face. It looked more like he was pumping up his own bench while walking toward them -- Cunningham happened to be in the way, hence the bump.

And knowing Fogg as a person, I wouldn't guess he was trying to get in Cunningham's ear, though it's fair enough that the Beavers' guard took it that way.

The ensuing scuffle shouldn't have been surprising at all. Last year's game in Tucson was equally chippy and Kevin Parrom and Joe Burton got into it, which led to Burton being ejected in that one.

Afterward, Parrom brushed it off, and the Wildcats were actually very complimentary of the Beavers' toughness.

Craig Robinson's team, like Miller's, is tough. They're not going to be pushed around, and perhaps we have the beginnings of a new rivalry on our hands.