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More photos from the Nike Hyper Elite Platinum launch in NYC

I was lucky enough to find my way to New York City for the launch of Nike's Hyper Elite Platinum uniforms, and if anything, the presentation was a great example of style and performance. Here's our first post on the launch. Check out the jump for more.

Both the sides of the jerseys and shorts have laser-cut holes to allow more breathability and take away even more weight. Tracy Teague, Nike Basketball's creative director, said the idea behind the shorts combines a Bill Bowerman lightweight idea of track and field clothing with the style of football uniforms (obviously, the Oregon Ducks are a good example of how switching it up can go very far).

The shoe brand also paired the uniforms with a new Nike Zoom Hyperenforcers (see below) that have matching colorways. Teague said that a few years ago Nike reshaped their apparel and shoe design programs to make the teams based around sports rather than type of apparel. The product? The matching jersey, pants, shoes and socks of the Hyper Elite series.

The final two pictures in this post are from an artsy performance that introduced the new unis. Unfortunately, I only have two hands and was set on getting photos rather than video -- hindsight is 20/20, I suppose.

Photos of the launch event by me, otherwise, courtesy of Nike.Sp12_bb_hypelt_arizona_short_1_medium



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