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Zona vs. Udub: Such a painful Grade

Wow, what a finish to that game. All the emotions went so high, then like a rock sank to the bottom on a freshmen mistake. I could sit back and focus on the negative, but instead I am going to look at this game as a learning experience. What we are lacking right now is that leader on the team. Solomon Hill did his best today, but even then he wasn’t enough. Hopefully with some more of these games Josiah turner and Nick Johnson can start to learn how to be that leader for our team heading into next year.

All that said lets re focus back on the game at hand. It was an up and down game, very sloppy, and physical. The team as a whole didn’t play horribly, but we were missing to many of our Key guys. We needed those players to show up big, and they fell flat. As for the team numbers, here are a few thoughts.

  • We shot 42% from the floor, which actually is a bit better then we have been shooting. Yet its still below where we need to be.
  • 30.8% from three point land isn’t a horrible percentage, but we need to shoot at a higher rate. Lets give some credit to the Washington defense though. They were very tight on our outside shooters all game.
  • 72.4% is okay from the Line, but I guess I am picky. I want over 80% every game. Those are free points, that would have won the game for us today.
  • Only 9 assists on 21 field goals is not nearly enough. Our team does best when the ball is moving.
  • 15 Turnovers…. Enough said

Come join me after the jump for some player grades

Solomon Hill: GRADE A- I would have given Solomon an A except I refuse to do that in a loss. He did everything he could to will us to a win. That includes a clutch 3 point shot with 6 seconds left. His 28 points and 11 rebounds were just outstanding. This is the type of game I expect from Hill. Thank you for what you did today.

Jesse Perry: GRADE C- On defense Jesse did his best being undersized, but his offense was just sad today. He was blocked way to much down low, and his outside shot just isn’t falling. Jesse only went 3-14 from the field. I expect more from him.

Kyle Fogg: GRADE F In these big games we need our seniors to show up. And in this case Kyle fell short. He only attempted 4 shots the entire game, and ended with 5 turnovers. I’m not going to pile on Kyle, but he deserved his F today.

Nick Johnson: GRADE C- Nick’s numbers look pretty bad today. He only made one shot which was a clutch 2 pointer at the end of the game. The reason he is getting a C- has everything to do with his defense. He played some amazing defense during the game today, and that to me is worth just as much as offense.

Josiah Turner: GRADE C What a hard grade to make. Josiah had a section of the game where he really made his presence felt. I am loving his development, however still to many freshman mistakes. His attempt at getting a charge at the end of the game was a real blunder.

Brendon Lavender: GRADE D I was on here pushing for Brendon to get more time for the last few weeks, but if he comes into a big game and doesn’t attribute then what’s the point. Brendon’s biggest plus is his shooting ability. For some reason he wasn’t coming off screens looking to shoot like their SG’s were doing. Take some notes Brendon that’s what we need from you.

Kevin Parrom: GRADE A/INC Kevin managed to swing the game in our favor in the first half practically by himself. However, he gets an INC due to his injury. That really hurt is during the game. We missed him in the second half. Hopefully its nothing major and he will be back on Thursday.

Jordin Mayes: GRADE D Jordin gave us some good ball handling at times, but his offense wasn’t there at all. He went 0-3 for the game.

Angelo Chol: GRADE C He didn’t have great stats, only 2 rebounds, but he was a physical presence in the middle for us. It felt like he was finally starting to figure out his defensive role. That would be huge for the team if he continues in that direction.

Well I know these grades aren’t perfect, but either were we today. Hope you all enjoy, and let me know If you have any thoughts.