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Pac-12 Releases 2012 Football Schedule, Wildcats with Eight Home Games

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The Pac-12 released the 2012 football schedule today with "every game on national television for the first time in Conference history."

"The one thing we heard loud and clear from fans across the Conference is they want to see their teams play every week," Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said. "Starting in 2012 fans can see all games throughout the country."

Where the games can be seen:

  • 44 games on either ESPN, FOX, and FX
  • 34 on Pac-12 Networks
  • 8 Thursday and Friday games on ESPN and FOX
Week two is where the fun starts. Arizona plays Oklahoma St. at home, UCLA plays Nebraska at home, Wisconsin travels to the northwest to play Oregon State and lastly the Washington Huskies head to 'Death Valley' to face LSU. Those will be some of the most exciting games of the week.

See the rest of the article for Arizona's schedule.

Week 1:

Toledo at Arizona

Week 2:

Oklahoma State at Arizona

Week 3:

South Carolina State at Arizona

Week 4:

Arizona at Oregon

Week 5:

Oregon State at Arizona

Week 6:

Arizona at Stanford

Week 7:


Week 8:

Washington at Arizona

Week 9:

USC at Arizona

Week 10:

Arizona at UCLA

Week 11:

Colorado at Arizona

Week 12:

Arizona at Utah

Week 13:

Arizona State at Arizona (Friday)

As you noticed, the schedule does return to some normalcy as the ASU/UA match up is the last game of the season and a Friday night I might add. Hopefully one or both of the teams have something to play for going into that game.

The Wildcats, as mentioned above have 8 home games. With that is a great opportunity to makes some noise in the Pac12. Now I don't expect them to go undefeated at home (though I am crossing my fingers) but I do expect a winning record. Add in two wins on the road and one has a 7-5 record. I will definitely take that with a first year head coach in a rebuilding year.

Do you think the schedule favors Arizona? What are your opinions for the 2012 season?