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Links: Jeff Casteel looks to be headed to the Arizona Wildcats, reports say

Jeff Casteel, the architect of the West Virginia Mountaineers' defense, is working on completing a deal with the Arizona Wildcats to join head coach Rich Rodriguez's staff, according to a tweet by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Colin Dunlap.

Jeff Casteel "finalizing deal" w/ Arizona today. Jeff is one of nation's best football coaches -- and men. Class guy, all the way around.

The news isn't surprising at all, just a long-awaited conclusion to the team's defensive coordinator hunt. The hire of a D-coordinator has been quiet, and the obvious reasoning to that was because Casteel was still trucking with the Mountaineers, who went all crazy on Clemson in the Orange Bowl on Wednesday night, winning 70-33.

Of course, with a pace fast enough to score 70 points, giving up 33 isn't all that bad. Kyle Kensing said that the Orange Bowl would be a good look into the future of the Wildcats' defense, which may use Casteel's non-traditional 3-3-5 scheme.

Whatever the defense turns out to be -- Rodriguez said when he was introducted that he wasn't set on doing any one defense -- the Wildcats will see a lot of fast-paced games in the future. Oregon will be Oregon under Chip Kelly, and the addition of Mike Leach at Wazzou will make the Pac-12 one of the most spread-heavy leagues in the nation. Todd Graham was a RichRod underling, and he'll likely have a spread offense up at Arizona State. And did you see the Baylor/Washington score?