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Zona vs UCLA: Grades are done, now we can forget about this game.

Wow, what a game yesterday. For the record that is not a positive wow. That is a wow I give a game when I have to break out the 24 hour rule. That is the rule where I have to wait till the next day to write anything about the game, because it frustrates me too much to think about the game afterwards. This is also the first game of the year I had to employ the 24 hour rule. That should tell you exactly what I think about this game. Before I get into the grades for the players here are a few team thoughts about this game:

-Way to much 1v1 on the offensive end.
-This was probably the worse team defense I have seen this year.
-I am now really worried anytime we play a team with bigs regardless who they are.
-The turnovers are really starting to become old fast.
-I can’t wait to finish this article so that I can forget about this game.

You will notice at the end of the grades I added in a "Turnover Tracker". I didn’t feel like bringing up and discussing turnovers for every starter, so this seems like a better way. After the jump you can find my individual player grades.

Jesse Perry: GRADE B- I had a really hard time grading Jesse today. I thought he did fairly well, however when you look at the stats they are not impressive. I have to give him a little break considering he is not a center, but he is being required to guard the other teams big men. His most impressive number for me is 5 offensive rebounds. On the flip side he only had 1 defensive rebound which really tells a story about yesterday. Turnover Tracker= 4

Solomon Hill: GRADE B Solomon did his best to keep us in the game. His 16 points and 11 rebounds is a very solid line. The numbers that I find really unacceptable are 0-3 from behind the arc and only 2-6 from the line. This season Solomon is only shooting 28% from 3 point land. That’s one of the biggest individual disappointments for me on the whole team. Turnover Tracker= 5

Josiah Turner: GRADE C- Josiah seemed to regress in this game. I absolutely loved the direction he was going, and then out of no where he decided to play like he did at the beginning of the season. He did a great job rebounding for a guard with 6 for the game. Yet he still doesn’t seem to want to run the offense. Only 3 assists is just sad for a guard with his abilities. It’s almost like instead of running the offense he wants to just focus on making flashy plays. We do not need all those flashy plays, what we need is a general on the floor that values the ball. Turnover Tracker= 2

Nick Johnson: GRADE D+ Was Nick even on the court? This was by far his worst game so far in a cats uniform. He only shot 1-6 from the floor and had 1 rebound and 1 assist. The only positive I could find is out of all the starters he had the least amount of turnovers. I really don’t know what happened to him in this game but we need him to be much stronger than that if we are going to go anywhere this year. Turnover Tracker= 1

Kyle Fogg: GRADE C+ It was good to see Kyle out there giving a lot of effort on defense, but we need him to be more of a leader on the offensive end. Only scoring 7 points in a game where our younger players are struggling is not going to cut it. Overall his numbers are pretty blah. Turnover Tracker= 3

Kevin Parrom: GRADE D I have such a hard time grading Kevin since I know it will take time to get over his off season injuries. However, if I am going to be tough on the team I need to be tough on Kevin as well. He only had 12 minutes, but really did nothing in those minutes tallying 1 point. He was absent other than that. Turnover Tracker= 0

Jordin Mayes: GRADE D- Jordin’s only contribution to the game was 1 assist and 1 rebound. He went 0-4 from the floor and 0-3 from beyond the arc. The only bright side is no turnovers. There really isn’t a need to defend my grade in this situation. Turnover Tracker=0

Brendon Lavender: GRADE B Brendon was one of two players who managed to shoot above 50% for the game. Unfortunately both those players only shot 2-3 from the floor, so neither really affected the game. After the last few games I would like to see Brendon get more than the 13 minutes he got in today game. Turnover Tracker= 1

Angelo Chol: GRADE C+
He is still a project, but you have to like the numbers he put up in a small amount of time. 4 points and 5 rebounds is alright from Chol. Anyone that watched the game though would agree we need more out of him. He is our tallest rotation player, and even though he is young this team would move to the next level if we had consistent play from Chol. Turnover Tracker= 0

Everyone else on the roster gets an INC or did not play.