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Zona vs. USC: Finished with a Win, but so glad to get out of L.A. Grades

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Did we all really need to sit through that game? Once we went up by ten we did a poor job of putting a very bad USC team away, and instead kept it at the range where we felt comfortable, but still gave them hope. I’m going to jump right into some observations and team thoughts:

  • Our team defense was stellar today. It helps the other teams offense is completely inept, but lets look at the positive and be happy about the effort the boys showed. Very active hands and great switching. Everyone seemed to have plenty of energy, and really focused on that end of the floor.
  • With all the focus on the defensive end, it appears they forgot there is another end of the floor. The offense was pretty bad today. We had streaks of good plays, but for the most part our shooting was about as bad as USC’s.
  • Too Many turnovers. Its like we enjoy keeping the other team in the game. I understand we have a bunch of great kids on the team, but they need to learn you don’t have to be so nice as to let the other team hang around. You don’t need to share the ball with the other team, just your own.
  • I love how Miller didn’t call a time out in the second half when the other team was coming back. He let the cats work their way out of it and learn on the fly. Of course that’s easier to do when it’s still a 12 point game, but it was still nice to see.
  • 2-15 three point field goals is just horrible as a team. There is no defending that, especially since most those shots were uncontested.
  • 17 Turnovers. :( Speaks for itself.

Join me after the jump for individual grades.

Jesse Perry: GRADE A- Jesse came to play today. He is the heart and sole of this team in my opinion. He shot 9-13 FG for a total of 20 points. The only reason I gave him a - was simply because he only had 3 rebounds. To put that in perspective he was constantly guarding larger men and really did a great job of boxing them out allowing our other players to swoop in for team rebounds. However, asking for more than 3 rebounds from our center/PF shouldn’t be a problem.

Solomon Hill: GRADE B+ For some reason Solomon didn’t stand out to much in this game. He made a few buckets when we really needed them, and did an amazing job on the glass collecting a team high 10 rebounds. Being a leader I would have liked to see him do a bit more on the offensive end.

Kyle Fogg: GRADE C-
I was really disappointed by Kyle today. He showed some good energy on defense, but I expect a lot more out of him on the offensive end. He was making poor decisions and silly freshman mistakes. I just expect a lot more out of him.

Nick Johnson: GRADE D+ The D is for Nick’s only good play of the day, which was a massive two handed dunk over a 7 footer. Nick will be happier than anyone to get out of L.A. though. He went 2-9 from the floor today. The only real bright part of his line was his 7 rebounds.

Josiah Turner: GRADE C Josiah did a better job of trying to run the offense instead of attempting low percentage passes today. His stats are on the small side though. Only 2 points and 3 assists, but 5 rebounds from your PG is always a good thing.

Jordin Mayes: GRADE C Jordin also did a better job of running the team today. However, like most the team, his line is also fairly minimal. 4 points on 2-7 shooting is pretty bad, but 4 rebounds 3 assists, and 2 steals is always a plus.

Brendon Lavender: GRADE C- I want to give Brendon a higher grade, but he needs to insert himself a bit more into the game while he’s on the floor. I’m all for getting Brendon a bit more playing time, but he needs to take advantage of it while he gets it. Only having 4 points and 0 rebounds and assists is not getting it done. He’s deadly from behind the ark, but useless if he’s not shooting the ball.

Kyryl Natyazhko: GRADE INC Kyryl didn’t play long enough for me to actually grade him. But I did add him into this section today because he did a great put back for 2 points in the first half, and I wanted to give him his due.

Kevin Parrom: GRADE D
Kevin was out there long enough to do something, but really did nothing in the game. Only 1 shot which he missed and 2 rebounds 1 assist. I just want the Kevin of old back, and I hope he is able to recover that. I pray things are going well for him.

Angelo Chol: GRADE INC
Angelo didn’t really do much this game. He added 3 personal fouls to the mix, but had zeros across the stat line.

I hope you all are enjoying the grades, and if you have any thoughts about them feel free to let me know. Have a great Sunday everyone.