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Pac-12 College Football Predictions Week 7: Thank goodness for a break

A weekly look at up coming Pac-12 College football games, and a few predictions to go with them.

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

I almost forgot all about that painful loss to Stanford last week, but then I had to write this article. So on that note I am not going to write any more about that game, it is over with, in the past, dead. Now onto a few recaps of the other games. On last Thursday I turned on the TV and was shocked when I saw Utah up on USC 14-0. I started thinking to myself, is it possible that Utah pulls this off. I mean they are playing at home, so they can do it, right? Then I looked back up and USC scored to make it 14-7. At that point I switched the channel and figured I would look later to see how badly USC beat them. The beavers were actually a let down to me last weekend. They were playing at home, and playing well. Yet they allowed Washington St. to stick around almost the whole game? Not much I can say about that. Cal absolutely dominating UCLA was a shocker to me. I have been waiting for that Cal team to show up all year, and then after I finally gave up hope, BOOM there they were. The question though was that a fluke, or did they finally get their legs under them? Finally, did anyone really think Washington was going to travel down to Eugene and beat the ducks? No real surprises for me in that game, ducks did what they have been doing to everyone.

For this next week we finally get to take a break and lick a few of our wounds. That doesn't mean Pac-12 football takes a break though. Come join me after the jump for the games this weekend, and some thoughts on each one.


ASU vs Colorado WINNER ASU 42-10

I really don't have much to say about this game. From every angle it looks like a mismatch. At least Colorado won 1 game this year though, right?


Utah vs UCLA WINNER UCLA 24-21

This game is a good chance for Utah to get their feet back under them. However, UCLA is at home, and has a lot to prove after their recent poor performances. They should come out with a chip on their shoulder and do just enough to pull out the win.

Stanford vs Notre Dame (Game of the Week) WINNER Stanford 28-21

Okay I'll be honest, I am only picking Stanford because I can't stand Notre Dame. If i was putting money it would go the other way. The Irish are playing at home, with lots of momentum. But lets hope that the tough physical Defense of Stanford can hold out for a Pac 12 win.

Oregon St. vs BYU WINNER Oregon St. 18-14

If this game was a week ago I would have picked OSU easily. However, their starting QB is having a surgery on his knee and will be out this game. Its the first game of the year for Vaz and that has to worry anyone. BYU should win this at home, but I am hoping OSU's pride and defense can pull this one out.

Cal vs Washington St. WINNER Cal 35-21

Alright Cal, I finally picked against you and you won last week. Now I am picking you on the road you better not lose. That being said WSU did show some guts last week in the Oregon St. game. I would not be surprised if this game stayed fairly close throughout.

USC vs Washington WINNER USC 32-18

Playing at Washington is always a difficult task, but after their recent record, I have to think USC can go in and take their crowd out early. If they don't it will be a long night for the trojans.

Alright everyone as always please feel free to put your thoughts below, and enjoy this weekends games.