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This week in GIFs: ESPN ticker makes excuses for Tebow

ESPN's ticker editor must be a Tim Tebow fan.

Every week, SB Nation's Jon Bois, Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein go over the best GIFs that the network found during the week. While there were some solid submissions this week, including the Kansas State Wildcat kicking some poor kick in the head (this is my second favorite GIF of the week) one stuck out for me.

Above, you will see an ESPN ticker taking a life of its own. OK, maybe that's a bit too far, but it's clear than whichever human being who wrote this ticker news is a Tim Tebow fan.

First of all, a backup quarterback's statistics generally won't appear on a ticker unless they replace a starting quarterback. Tim Tebow did not do this. He did. however, play a few downs in a overly-criticized type of Wildcat offense. Tebow is the big thing these days, so I guess we can accept this.

That is good and fine, but it is less good and fine that we must know he went 0-for-1 and had two rushes for six yards INCLUDING A VERY IMPORTANT FIRST DOWN ON A PUNT FAKE. You know, because the Jets lost.

The biggest hrrrumph that this GIF makes me express? That his single pass was dropped by receiver "J. Hill." This is how far the Tebow-mania has gone, where we must be certain not to upset anyone who might see a 0-for-1 without explanation resulting in their angry letter sent to ESPN complaining about the network being too hard on Tebow.

Go Jets!

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