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Oregon Ducks fans paint Tempe 'A' Mountain green

Oregon fans borrowed an Arizona and ASU tradition and painted Tempe's 'A' Mountain green on Thursday morning as the Ducks got ready to face the Arizona State Sun Devils.

Jonathan Ferrey

Some clever Oregon Ducks fans painted Tempe's 'A' Mountain green and a CBS 5 helicopter got an early Thursday morning look at the Arizona State Sun Devils' violated land on the eve of Thursday's showdown.

The move stole tricks out of the Duel in the Desert's book between Sun Devils and the Arizona Wildcats. Surely, ASU fans weren't expecting that Ducks fans would make a march up 'A' Mountain during the blackness of night as Wildcats fans would were it leading into the rivalry game.

So props to the Oregon faithful for thinking this one through.

And for the record, we're wondering when the Sun Devils fans have managed to protect their 'A' Mountain. My poor recent memory can only remember Tempe's block A getting colored red over the past few years. When is the last time someone hit Tucson's 'A' Mountain?

And that leads to another question. Who started the who letter-on-mountain deal? It would appear that it's an Arizona thing, as a number of other towns around the state have followed suit with the white letters on their hillsides.

ASU has since taken back their 'A' Mountain by blacking it out per the theme of the day.