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Pac-12 Predictions Week 8: Time to get back to work

A weekly prediction of Pac-12 games

Jason O. Watson

I hope everyone enjoyed their week off last weekend. The team probably needed it, and it came at the right time. However, Pac 12 games still went on, so we still have games to recap. I think its fair to say none of us were expecting Colorado to beat ASU. Seriously though Colorado did you have to get blown out? USC beating Washington wasn't a surprise either. It went pretty much how I assumed it would. Washington was able to keep it fairly close at home, but never really felt like they were going to win the game. The only surprise to me in the UCLA against Utah game was the fact that the game wasn't more than just 7 points. California beating WSU wasn't a surprise either. Not much to really say about that game. Stanford losing to Notre Dame just ticked me off. Their defense played great, and their offense just failed to win the game for them. Finally Oregon St. beating up BYU at BYU. Oregon St. is for real this year, they may not be a national contender, but they are solid.

Now its time to turn our attention to this weekends games.


Oregon vs ASU WINNER Oregon (49-35)

Personally I would like to see Oregon beat just because I live around nothing but duck fans that don't respect any other Pac 12 team. However, I just don't see them losing.


Stanford vs Cal WINNER Cal (31-17)

Stanford is coming off a very hard loss. Cal has been warming up recently, so this is a perfect chance for the underdog to get a win. Cal is at home, and with the momentum beats the hungover cards.

Colorado vs USC WINNER USC (42-14)

I really have nothing else to say about this game. A good team vs a bad team. Enough said.

Washington vs Arizona (Game of the week) WINNER Arizona (35-14)

This is a big game for Arizona. They got a week off, and had a few bad loses to get over. Luckily Washington has not looked impressive at all on the road, so hopefully that trend continues.

Utah vs Oregon St. WINNER Oregon St. (28-7)

Oregon St. to me is one of the most balanced teams in the league. Their defense has been impressive, and their offense has gotten just enough done. I don't see Utah having the power on either side of the ball to stay in this game.

I hope you all have a great week of football.