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This week in GIFs: Les Miles picks his nose to Texas A&M

This GIF of LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles was symbolic of how the game went against the Texas A&M Aggies.

Chris Graythen


Les Miles probably had a bone to pick with his LSU Tigers on Saturday -- maybe even one of those pointy boogers in his nose. The No. 6 team in the nation defeated the Texas A&M Aggies 24-19 on Saturday, but it wasn't really by way of solid play by the Tigers.

OK, LSU didn't turn the ball over, but it was still a game in the fourth quarter. It was 14-12, and after an LSU field goal, the Aggies' Trey Williams had a 76-yard kickoff return to set up A&M at the Tigers' 16. They did nothing with it after a missed 33-yard field goal.

Miles' nose-picking sort of, kind of defined this game for LSU. They got 97 passing yards on 11-of-29 passing from quarterback Zach Mettenberger and couldn't take advantage of five Aggie turnovers. So that wasn't fun.

Les will pick this victory out his nose and toss it to the ground.

In a solid second place in the GIFs of the week, Puddles the duck isn't a fan of the Biebz. Bieber_medium

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