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Pac 12 Week 6 Predictions: Getting back on track

A weekly look at the upcoming Pac 12 games and predictions for those games.

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Its been a week, and even now I look back and I am still disappointing about last weekend. However, we still need to learn from the past, so lets look back and talk about what happened. I did say the Stanford vs Washington game would be a close one, except I picked the wrong team to win. I was shocked at how poor Stanfords offense performed up in Seattle. It was a great win for Washington, and for a reward they get to travel down to Eugene. I hated picking ASU to win against Cal, but it was to obvious, and Cal proved me right. Did anyone pick Colorado to actually upset UCLA? If so please put down the bottle and call for help. I was surprised how close WSU was at halftime against the Ducks. Maybe that was a blue print on how to slow them down? Or maybe the Ducks just got tired of keeping WSU in the game. Either way the final score was closer to what we expected. Finally what a painful way to end the Oregon St. game. It was a great game back and forth, and well fought, but it still hurts to lose.

Looking forward the only exciting game to me this weekend is Arizona vs Stanford. Other than that there seems to be a clear cut winner in every game. Come join me after the jump to take a closer look at the conference games for this week.


USC vs Utah WINNER USC 27-10

This game could end up being closer since its at Utah, and the crowd will be fired up. Plus USC has not been impressive at all this year in my opinion. Maybe I was expecting to much, but they have been down right pathetic at times. Even after all that though I have to pick them to win.


Arizona vs Stanford (game of the week) WINNER Arizona 24-21

I know people are going to say Stanford will come out and blow Arizona out of the stadium after their loss last weekend. That very well could happen, but I think both teams are upset about their games last weekend and both will be motivated. Stanford has a very physical strong defense. This game will come down to how well Arizona can move the ball through the air, and if they can slow down Stanfords running ability. If they can do those two things they can pull off the upset.

Washington St. vs Oregon St. WINNER Oregon St. 35-21

This game would be a lot more interesting if it were in Pullman. But its not in Pullman, and the Beavers are looking extremely strong so far this year. The one thing Washington state has going in their favor is the fact they don't need the run game to score. It will be up to Oregon St. secondary to keep the Cougars in check.


I really, really, really want to pick Cal to win this in an upset since they are playing at home. They have hung tough in their games but have not shown any ability to make plays in the clutch. Its for this reason I just can not pick them to upset UCLA this year. It looks like this could be the year that kicks Tedford out the door.

Washington vs Oregon WINNER Oregon 45-21

After beating Stanford you really want to make a case for Washington to travel south and upset the Ducks. However, I can't make the case no matter how I look at it. Oregon is deeper, faster, and flat out better than Washington. The fact this is a home game for the Ducks doesn't help either.

Feel free to make any comments you want to make below, and enjoy this week of games.