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Gamethread: Colorado Buffaloes visit Arizona Wildcats

Join us to chit-chat about the Arizona Wildcats' homecoming game against the Colorado Buffaloes.


The Arizona Wildcats sit on the verge of bowl eligibility. Health seems to be the problem still lingering.

That doesn't mean this team has any business losing to the Colorado Buffaloes. Last year's blowout by the Buffs in Boulder, Colo., was simply a sign that the Wildcats were a lost cause, no matter the efforts of interim coach Tim Kish.

Arizona looked slow compared to the Buffs -- imagine that.

This year, no matter the injury situation and no matter the talent level not being all that drastic once you get past the importance of Matt Scott, the Wildcats can't show that they're on the same level as CU. For that would allude to much, much less of a step forward in the first year of the Rich Rodriguez era than we first anticipated, even with solid showings in every game before UCLA.

Here goes. Tell us your thoughts. Complain. Joke. And enjoy.