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GIF of the week: MACtion lives on with Bananaman

This week, we examine MAC football, why it is awesome and how one man in a banana costume does a pretty dag nab good job at defining it.

Julian Finney

The term "MACtion" has been a boom for the MAC and its football teams. In a world where silly things like jerseys, facilities and getting paid to play college football attracts young high school football players to their respective institutions of learning, a fun Internet word has been vital in spreading the word about this mid-level conference.

Bruce Feldman wrote that the MAC is no longer under the same light as other non-BCS conferences, and in asking readers for definitions of MACtion, one stood out for me.

MACtion -- "It makes no difference who is playing, you are going to get exactly what you tuned in for -- mayhem."

And that is why our GIF of the week is all about MACtion.


This midweek game pitted Ball State against Ohio, and the Cardinals turned out a 52-27 victory against the Bobcats. More importantly, we learned why the MAC is so awesome. Like the Englishmen dressed up in loony costumes at the NFL's game in London this year, MAC fans simply don't care where they are present nor why they're there.

It's hard to say what this Bananaman is doing, but he look confused, worried, focused and everything at once. He clearly has a motive -- look at his face -- but is aware enough to give a fan a high five. Finally, the bearded fellow leans over the fence, smiling at ... who knows.

This small GIF represents the MAC well. Not always the best, not always the worst, but always getting your attention by being its quirky self.

It's mayhem at its best.

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