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Pac-12 predictions week 12: Moment of truth

A weekly look at the weekend football games, and a few thoughts on each game.

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

What a great weekend of games we have to look forward to. I won't waste any time, lets jump right into this.


Washington vs Colorado WINNER: Washington 35-14

Washington has not been great on the road this year, but honestly can anyone see Colorado winning this game. On the bright side for Colorado, their basketball team is at least decent.


This game should be pretty entertaining, and highly contested. Seriously though, I just want to see if USC stabs the field or not.

Washington St. vs ASU WINNER Washington St. 31-24

Lets be honest, this would be a huge upset, but I feel like taking a chance. Plus it would be a blast to see ASU lose this one.

Stanford vs Oregon (Game of the Week) WINNER Oregon 49-21

It amazes me that I am picking a 28 point win as the Game of the week, but hey if ESPN will be there, it has to be the game of the week. Right? I have respect for Stanford, but they just don't match up well with the ducks.

Arizona vs Utah WINNER Arizona 35-21

I know we have injury concerns, and Utah has been difficult at home, but we are still the better team. On a side note, I said at the beginning if we finished 6-6 it would be a good year. No matter what happens its a good year to me.

Cal vs Oregon St. WINNER Oregon St. 28-10

Oregon St. not only is the better team, but they are better coached. I just can't see Cal moving the ball on this tough defense, and Oregon St. still has something to prove this year to everyone.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.