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Pac-12 Predictions week 10: Time to win out

Weekly article to take a look at the upcoming Pac-12 games, and a few thoughts on each one.

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Welcome back for another great weekend of Pac-12 football. As always, before we get started lets go through and quickly recap the games from last weekend. UCLA went into ASU and beat them at home. That was just the sprinkles on top of our ice cream sundae that was last week. Oregon showed up and the starters had a nice light workout against Colorado. It was basically a bye week for them going into their game with USC. I was right when I said WSU would hang close with Stanford. I am not sure if this is WSU getting better throughout the year, or Stanford just being extremely inconsistent. Utah put another dagger in the heart for Tedford by beating Cal. Washington continued their back and forth season by showing up and giving OSU their first loss of the year. Finally who didn't enjoy that game with USC last weekend. I said it before and I will say it again, I called that game, and I am taking props for that.

Before I go into this weeks games I want to ask everyone out there a question. If Alabama, Oregon, K State, and Notre Dame all go undefeated, who do you have going to the title game? Who do you think the computers will put in the final game?


Washington vs Cal WINNER: Cal 27-17

I can't believe I'm picking Cal to win here, but Washington has been that bad on the road this year. Plus I think Cal was embarrassed last week and will show up strong this game.


Stanford vs Colorado WINNER: Stanford 35-14

Stanford had a bit of a scare last week against WSU. That should be enough to help Shaw refocus his team and go into Colorado with something to prove. On a side note, I just feel bad for Colorado.

Washington St. vs Utah WINNER: Washington St. 28-24

I truly can't believe that I am picking Washington St. to win this game, but they impressed me last week again Stanford. I think they are finally starting to figure out their offense, and Utah is just a mess this year.

Arizona vs UCLA WINNER: Arizona 41-31

This game should be an exciting one. I actually have a really hard time picking it. If arizona wins, I think they win comfortably. If UCLA wins it will be a close one. If Arizona can pull this off though it sets them up very nicely to win the south division.

Arizona St. vs OSU WINNER: Arizona St 27-17

This should actually be a pretty fun game to watch. OSU offense is really starting to struggle, and Arizona St. is going to have something to prove after barely being beaten at home. This will be one of the times in the year that Oregon will become Beaver fans.

Oregon vs USC (game of the week) WINNER: Oregon 54-35

I really want to pick the upset, but I just can't see it. USC depth is really starting to hurt them this year, and in this game it will destroy them. The game will stay close for the first half, but USC will start to wear down and the ducks will take advantage of it.