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Gamethread: Arizona Wildcats head to Lubbock to face Texas Tech

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Join us to chat about the Arizona Wildcats' first road game of the year.

Christian Petersen

Messy coaching situations often leave wastelands behind. Arizona fans saw that firsthand during the whole Lute Olson ordeal. The Wildcats face a Texas Tech team today that appears, so far, to be highly motivated despite all the distractions.

Interim coach Chris Walker has his schemes in place for the Red Raiders, who are treating today's game against the Wildcats as something special. It's a white-out, and now Arizona gets a solid road test.

It's hard to say how good the Red Raiders really are, but we also don't know how good the Wildcats are without a relatively decent gauge of comparison.

The press is surely the thing to watch today. Can Arizona handle it?