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Game chat: Arizona faces Miami's big front line

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The Arizona Wildcats can advance to the final game of the Diamond Head Classic tournament with a win against the Miami Hurricanes on Sunday night.


There's good news and then there's bad. The good is that Miami Hurricanes center, 6-foot-10, 292 pounder Reggie Johnson, will probably miss tonight's game against the Arizona Wildcatsbecause of a thumb injury.

The bad: Johnson missed the opening game of the Diamond Head Classic and his replacement, Julian Gamble, scored 16 points and grabbed 13 rebounds, making up for Johnson's absence and topping his averages. So Arizona's path to the final game -- where they could face San Diego State, which beat Indiana State earlier Sunday -- is still a difficult one.

Miami was led in their first game of the tournament by Durand Scott's 20 points, five assists and three steals against Hawaii.