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SDSU vs Arizona: Player grades

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A recap of the SDSU vs Arizona basketball game and player grades


What a great ending to the weekend. Of course I was thrilled that we won the tournament, but at the same time I wasn't exactly happy with the performance in the last game. The bright spots were only having 8 turnovers in the final game, and also showing whenever we go down, we don't panic. As a team though we can not afford to continue to go down against top 25 teams and hoping we can come back in the end. We also need to do a better job at the free throw game in the big games. Last night going 19-27 doesn't sound too bad, but we can do better. Now lets get to some player grades.

Solomon Hill: B+ Hill was a beast last night and finished with 21 points 3 assists and 6 rebounds. All that looks like a great game, but only shooting 7-15 from the field and 7-12 from the line, isn't up to what he can do.

Brandon Ashley: B- Ashley did a decent job gobbling up the rebounds with 7 last night, but his average shooting of 3-7 for 9 points just isn't up to what I want to see from Ashley.

Kaleb Tarczewski: F Man Kaleb, you flat out did not show up yesterday. 0 points in 18 minutes and only getting 1 shot up and having 2 turnovers is just horrible. But the WORST stat of all is when your 7 feet and play 18 minutes and have 0 rebounds.

Mark Lyons: C+ Lyons picked up some really silly fouls, which took him out of the game early. His shooting was fairly poor for the night going 2-9 from the field, but his clutch free throws gets him slightly out of the dog house.

Nick Johnson: A How important is Nick to this team? Okay I will be the first to say his stats aren't anywhere close to an A grade. He went 3-13 from the field for 11 points and 4 rebounds. However, he played tight defense all night, and he gets an A for the final block at the end of the game. Without that block we lose the game.

Kevin Parrom: A- Kevin is really turning into a stud 6th man for us. He goes in and shots a high percentage, last night 7-11 from the field and 3-5 from behind the arc, and he crashes the boards. What more could you ask for.

Grant Jerrett: D The only reason he is getting a D is because he grabbed 6 boards to at least help us out unlike Tarc did.

Jordin Mayes & Angelo Chol: INC.