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Gamethread: Utah Utes (5-19) at Arizona Wildcats (17-8)

Let's face it. Utah is not very good. They're comparable to ASU in talent, and aside from a victory against Washington State, the Sun Devils are the Utes' only win.

Then again, they're scrappy. Getting destroyed on the boards against ASU and shooting about 30 percent from the field somehow didn't take them completely out of the game. They busted the Sun Devils' double-digit lead to only lose by five points.

And as we saw last time, they're not afraid to get physical with Arizona, or anyone for that matter. Cedric Martin and Solomon Hill's shoving match ended with Hill -- inadvertently or purposely -- elbowing Martin in the head.

If the Wildcats can manage to bust this one open, it'll be interesting to see if they can hammer the nail in the head put the Utes away early in the second half.

Anyway, what's the over/under on Angelo Chol having four combined dunks and blocks?