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Zona vs. Udub: "Dent" in the Armor grades

Zona vs. Udub: "Dent" in the Armor grades

This one took me an extra day to get over. So many questions, like why did Washington decide to play their best game of the year Saturday? This game could have put us squarely in line to compete for the regular season conference title, but instead we are about in the same spot as we were before, but now the Huskies have the tie breaker with us. We need to stay positive though and realize we still have plenty to play for. Lets finish the season off strong and win the rest of the games and get into the tourny.

Now to look back at the game, lets start with some team stats:

  • only shooting 39.3% for the game really hurts. I have said for a while my goal is 45% at least.
  • Speaking of poor percentages 28.6% from behind the arc is painful. I personally felt in the last 4 mins we just started jacking up 3 pointers way to much. If we would have focused on just making buckets at the basket we may have had a chance at the end.
  • 20-29 from the line is lower then I would want, but getting to the line 29 times is always nice.
  • we were out rebounded by 5. Not much to really say, they are a big team.
  • 10 assists? Not nearly enough, that’s all I have to say about that.
  • 0 steals…. 0 steals!!!!!! Wow, im speechless at this.
  • 11 turnovers, that’s not a horrible number, but when the other team only has 5 for the entire game… it isn’t good enough.

Now that the team stats are out of the way, join me after the jump to go over some personal grades.

Solomon Hill: GRADE B- Hill had what seems to be a fairly good stat line with 13 points and 10 boards. However, there is one stat that really bothers me. He only went 2-7 from the field. The bothersome thing to me is Hill is our best player right now, yet 3 other starters had more shots then he did. I don’t mind that if he’s a PG, but he’s not. He needs to be a leader on the team.

Jesse Perry: GRADE C+ Perry fought hard all game long. His 5-10 shooting was a decent percentage, however only 5 rebounds? I know hes grossly undersized to play center, but only 5 rebounds?

Kyle Fogg: GRADE C- Kyle is turning into my most frustrating player to watch. He is one of the most inconsistent players I have ever seen. I was going to give him a D grade, but his 9 rebounds and hard work on defense earned him a grade up. But shooting 4-12 from the field for a "shooter" is never going to cut it.

Nick Johnson: GRADE B+
Nick’s stat line was 20/4/4. That’s a pretty impressive stat line. He only shot 6-14 from the field, but on the bright side went 6-7 from the FT line. Nick is finally starting to get back into his groove, and thank goodness because we will need him.

Josiah Turner: GRADE C Josiah seemed like he did more in this game than his stat line says. 3/2/4. But those 4 rebounds were all offensive rebounds. That is just impressive. I still want a bit more out of Josiah, and 1-4 shooting just isn’t enough.

Brendon Lavender: GRADE C-
Brandon needs to realize what his role is. It is to shoot and make shots. He went 2-6 on Saturday. But only had 2 assists and 0 rebounds. Any time I see Brendon pass up an open look, I want to throw something. Please Brendon realize your role and EMBRACE it.

Angelo Chol: GRADE B I still see a good progression in Chol. Im so excited to see him next year after a summer of work. Saturday though he went 2-3 from the field. I like how he doesn’t try to overdue it on the offensive end, and instead takes what he is given. I think he realizes defense is where he can make the biggest difference right now, and I love him guarding the lane.

Well I’m sure I missed plenty, and I want to really thank you all for commenting on my previous posts, and chatting with me during the game itself. Always fun to have a good discussion on a team we all love.