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Zona vs. UCLA: CBS is horrible grades


I’m not sure if those of you living in the Arizona area had this happen, but with 2 minutes left in the game CBS cut it off mid game and switched it over to Villanova. REALLY CBS!!!! #$@%^^$$#@$##$$## YOU. I just don’t get it, I had to miss the first 4 minutes of my Cats play today while they showed the end of the Kentucky game, yet they cut off. Sorry I had to vent for a minute before I get to the grades, and I hope that the rest of you didn’t get cut off watching the game.

Now the game was a very intense back and forth game. Man it was frustrating and enjoyable all at the same time. Some players made me want to pull out my own hair, while others showed some deep resolve. Lets start by checking out the team numbers.

  • 38.3% FG shooting. Still to low. We wont be able to compete and win the PAC tourny if we don’t raise that number up.
  • 33.3% 3pt shooting. I guess I can live with that.
  • 71.9% from the free throw line is a decent number. But what makes me excited is 23-32. Man its nice to get to the line that much.
  • we were out rebounded 37-31, but against this large UCLA team I give the guy credit. You could really see the effort at the end of the game to get those loose balls.
  • only 7 assists is a real downer. We should easily be above 12-15 assists per game.
  • 4 steals is okay, but I’m used to our boys getting double that number.
  • 14 turnovers is way to many. Luckily we forced UCLA into just as many.

Come join me after the jump and I’ll break down the individual grades for you.

-Solomon Hill: GRADE B- His stats were not very impressive when you realize Hill only had 13 points and 4 rebound. However, his leadership really comes through even when he’s not putting up big numbers.

-Jesse Perry: GRADE A- I got to give Jesse credit in games like this. He was way undersized yet did a great job down low for us. The guy is fearless in attacking the rim against bigger players. He finished with 16 and 8, but even more impressive was his 8-9 performance from the FT line.

-Kyle Fogg: GRADE A- I want to give Kyle and A for how he finished the game. He has to start the game like that for a complete grade. About 30 minutes into this game I wanted to throw basketballs at Kyle’s head. He finished with 4-11 from the floor and an impressive 10-13 from the Line. His 20 points led the team and he lead the team with 9 rebounds. I have NO IDEA what has gotten into Kyle lately but his rebounding is ridiculous for his size. Way to be a senior today Kyle.

-Brendon Lavender: GRADE DMC Now if your wondering what DMC stands for. It stand for Driving me Crazy. Seriously this guy has way more talent then he shows. I wish I understood how to make him realize it. He shot 2-6 today in 26 minutes. I know that’s not a good percentage, but he is a deadly shooter, why doesn’t he shoot more. He really struggles to get open for shots. He should be practicing every day how to run off screens and run baseline sets to get open. So frustrating. When hes not scoring he usually doesn’t fill up to many other stats. Brendon We need you.

-Josiah Turner: GRADE D Josiah is always so hard for me to grade. I love the growth he is showing, and the leadership skills hes developing. His defense is always a strength of his. Some how though after the game I look at his stats and realize he had 0 assists? How can a player as talented at passing the ball as Josiah is have 0 assists for a game. Plus he had 5 turnovers. For those two reason I had to give him a lower grade.

-Nick Johnson: GRADE D+ Nick has been getting back into form lately, but seriously it felt like he wasn’t even out there today. I really can’t remember much of anything he did besides hitting a 3 pointer. As always though he plays some hard athletic defense, so I’ll give him credit for that. .

-Angelo Chol and Alex Jacobson: GRADE INC not really enough time out there to give these two guys grades.

As always thank you all for reading, and please feel free to comment. Plus since I went off on CBS at the beginning I got to give credit for Big bang theory and how I met your mother. LOVE THOSE SHOWS.