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Links: Foles and Criner Pro Day results, Iguodala's place and a baseball tale

After a much-needed vacation in Washington, I realized I've been out of the loop when I had no understanding of why E.J. Singler and his crew were walking through the SeaTac Airport (the Ducks and Huskies are playing each other in the NIT). I guess all great things come to an end. Back to the grind with a solid collection of links.

  • Nick Foles and Juron Criner did themselves no favors in the NFL Draft Combine. Maybe they aren't numbers guys, but their showing at the Arizona Wildcats' Pro Day on Monday might've given scouts a better idea of how good the duo will be in the NFL. The Daily Wildcat has this in-depth report on Foles and Criner's thoughts and performances. In short, 40-yard dash times don't really matter a whole lot for Foles -- though I'd argue that his pocket presence does nothing to help his cause -- and body control is the name of the game for Criner.
  • Andre Iguodala only spent two seasons at Arizona before being drafted by the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers. He was caught in the aftermath of the Allen Iverson-led Sixers, and while fans have been at times unnecessarily cruel to Iggy, he's all of a sudden leading one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference without being a go-to scorer. HoopSpeak breaks down what Iguodala's place is in the NBA, on the Sixers, and why he's misunderstood. This is a must-read for hoops junkies.
  • The Arizona baseball team has high expectations this season after a couple years of head coach Andy Lopez breaking down a selfish squad only to build them back up behind a group of junior leaders. Here's a great story by Derrick Fazendin on the Wildcats' "Fab Five" that have their eyes focused on Omaha.
  • Ryan Finley found this gem of former Wildcat wideout David Douglas throwing down a between-the-legs dunk.
  • Bruce Pascoe attempts to delve into the complicated world of college basketball recruiting. Will the Wildcats beef it up to perhaps gain some ground in a schedule that could use some oomph? That is, after all, a big reason why the NCAA committee was so harsh to Pac-12 teams that padded their resumes with tissue paper more than anything else.
  • The Arizona women's swimming team finished fifth in the NCAA's behind first-year head coach Eric Hansen. Not much drop-off after Frank Busch left to work for USA Swimming. The men's team is next up.
  • A random, non-Wildcat related note. But I can't get over Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post actually considering that Colorado Buffaloes' forward Andre Roberson could be a better NBA player in five years than Baylor's Perry Jones III. Then again, if the latter becomes the next version of Earl Clark ...