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Kyle Fogg accepts Portsmouth invite, could boost pro stock

Former Arizona Wildcats guard Kyle Fogg accepted an invitation to the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament on Wednesday, according to the athletic department, and it's the first step in finding out where exactly he can fit in as a professional basketball player.

The 6-foot-3, 188 pound shooting guard will play at least three games from April 11-14 in the event catered toward seniors looking to improve their NBA or overseas draft stock.

Former UA point guard Nic Wise was the last Wildcat to attend the Portsmouth event, which takes place in Portsmouth, Va., and while it didn't end up in anything NBA related, it could likely have helped launch what appears to be a very successful Euroball career, one that came not too soon after his college graduation.

With 64 total senior prospects playing in an organized tournament of sorts, Fogg's label as a perimeter defensive stopper will be on full display.

Perhaps, it's the best environment for such a player to showcase his skills -- very few NBA Pre-Draft camps or individual team workouts can replicate true game action, where a 5-on-5 scenario will give coaches and scouts a chance to see Fogg operate within the framework of an entire defense opposed to one-on-one or two-on-two, pick-and-roll situations.

Fogg has much to gain, too. His statistics don't really jump out other than his pure game experience, which is just another reason some 5-on-5 should help his cause. This season he averaged 13.5 points per game, shot 42 percent from the floor, grabbed 3.7 rebounds per game and tabbed 2.2 assists to go on top of it.

As a 44 percent three-point shooter, he definitely comes off as a competent set-shooter, a guy who can space the floor, and someone who will take care with the ball on offense.

Whether that translates to the NBA is hard to fathom, but the opinion here is Fogg, with his work ethic and basketball smarts, will make a very good European prospect in the right league and system.