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Cat tracks: Hassan Adams in the 2002 McDonald's dunk contest

Watching Shabazz Muhammad throw down some violent slam dunks this past week during the McDonald's All-American festivities brought back some fond memories.

While the All-Star game itself often showcases soon-to-be NBA stars, it's been the dunk contest that's really zeroed in on who'll be running down the lane in the NBA in the near future.

Amar'e Stoudemire. Carmelo Anthony. Hassan Adams?

Ah yes, the former Arizona Wildcat stood beside those big names back in 2002 and made it a good competition. While Stoudemire and Anthony would go onto pretty good NBA success, Adams did give the Wildcats four good years.

OK, so the guy peaked as a senior at Arizona and never really stuck in the league with, most notably, the New Jersey Nets and the Toronto Raptors. But Adams was always at an NBA level with his leaping abilities.

I give you Hassan Adams from the 2002 McDonald's dunk contest.

Most of Adams points came because he was a generously-listed 6-foot-4 player with a ridiculous wingspan. I'm pretty sure he and Andre Iguodala were neck-and-neck in terms of who had better air, and that air gave Adams the opportunity to pretty much do whatever he wanted up there.

Nothing is extremely original and crazy about his dunking, but maybe that's what makes it more impressive. The dude floats in the air, and it made him not just a gimmicky dunk contest good dunker, but a good dunker in the middle of games.

Add in what might be prehistoric beginnings of the Dougie, and you've got a highlight reel.