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Arizona's Spring Game and the launch of AZ Desert Swarm's YouTube

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Technology is scary sometimes.

But as most Internet-savvy people (most of you) know, keeping up with it is just a way of life these days. The SB Nation mothership recently launched a YouTube channel as we work toward bringing our ugly faces to your homes to discuss the teams we all follow with close eyes.

In tune with that, we're joining the club, and I'm pumped to debut our AZ Desert Swarm YouTube channel to follow up the football team's Spring game, which kicks off tomorrow at 1 p.m. at Kino Stadium. Because of the construction on Arizona Stadium, it'll be fun to see how the events staff pulls this one off, but the product on the field will of course be the bigger storyline.

If everything goes well, we'll have a recap up in conjunction with the launch of our YouTube channel.

But on to football things.

Return of the ACL-stricken

Ryan Finley's preview of the Spring Game talks about what you probably don't want to talk about. While it acts as the end of the beginning of the Rich Rodriguez era, there's also going to be the return of several players that missed last season due to ACL injuries.

Linebacker Jake Fischer tore his ACL in last year's Spring game, and he return to start at middle linebacker in RichRod's 3-3-5 defense. His playmaking ability, and that of safety Adam Hall, will be a welcome sign to a defense that struggled mightily for last season's 4-8 squad. Defensive tackle Willie Mobley and running back Greg Nwoko are also good to go after suffering ACL tears last year.

Cornerback Jonathan McKnight is the only player that suffered the major injury that's still recovering, Finley writes.

What to watch on offense

As I wrote in the past week, we'll get a good look at how quarterback Matt Scott will play within the spread-option system. Will he run a lot, or will the team look to keep him out of harm's way?

Likely, he won't be keeping it to a great degree. The stable of backs is there, and between the talent of Ka'Deem Carey, Kylan Butler and Greg Nwoko -- back-up Daniel Jenkins is out with a minor injury -- Scott will be in good shape to get rid of the ball.

What to watch on defense

This might be the most telling sign for how the 2012 season will shape up.

Mike Stoops left behind a bit of talent on offense between all the skill players and a young and growing O-line. But the D? It's a completely new system that's been beaten up in two prior scrimmages. Still, we're going to keep an eye on Fischer and Hall's return. The Wildcats struggled simply from not having pure playmakers last season, and these two guys fit that bill.

And of course, we're always hoping Tra'Mayne Bondurant is aiming for heads in a metaphorical, non-Saints-like way.

What to watch on, gulp, special teams

Does John Bonano still have magic?