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Links: Nick Foles confident at Gruden's QB Camp, Mark Lyons eyes Arizona

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  • Nick Foles appeared on Jon Gruden's QB Camp Monday. Based on this highlight clip, Foles didn't let Gruden get him on anything too concerning. He appeared mature and knowledgeable while reviewing his film, and that's of no surprise to any of us here. Size, smarts and a solid personality are going to get Foles a long way. Gruden pointed toward his ability to make plays despite not having much speed -- he reviews a solid left-handed, check-down fling -- as one positive. Haka dancing, though, could be a problem.
  • St. John's is apparently a landing spot for Josiah Turner, but with a couple of guards signing onto the Red Storm already this offseason, where does that leave room for the former Wildcat point guard?
  • Bruce Pascoe just talked to possible Xavier transfer Mark Lyons, who confirmed Sean Miller and the Wildcats are on his radar. Lyons is graduating this Spring but still has a year's left of eligibility.
  • While the Musketeers could have retained Lyons, ESPN reports that Lyons is no longer considering that option. The 6-foot-1 guard averaged 15.1 points and 2.7 assists per game last season, numbers that look more Momo Jones than Josiah Turner -- that's probably a good thing. And Lyons could be the perfect answer to Arizona's sudden point guard problem.
  • There's also this update of Jesse Perry's domestic violence charge, where we read that Perry was an upstanding citizen without a record prior to his arrest this week, according to his attorney. His lawyer also said it was "not normal" that the charge came because the apparent victim -- who was not a UA student -- told hospital officials of an assault rather than calling the police after it had happened.
  • A really awesome feature story by Pat Finley about softball's Chelsea Suitos' battle to return from a damaging brain injury that stripped her of her memory.