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Former Wildcat Nic Wise ballin' hard in France

You remember Nic Wise, don't you? He's the guy that literally went through the gauntlet of four head coaches in four years as a member of the Arizona Wildcats. To that end, he's one tough SOB, a guy you knew would never come tumbling down because of his proven record of overcoming all odds.

Since his graduation, he's had little trouble finding work. After a season in Germany, he now resides in the French A League with STB Le Havre.

Here's some highlight clips he posted yesterday. He sort of looks like the Denver Nuggets' Ty Lawson out there, an undersized and lighting quick player that uses what John Calipari might call waterbug-like-movements to set his teammates up off pick-and-rolls, or to score at the rim. It reminds you how savvy of a ballplayer he was while at Arizona, a guy who knew how and when to get the ball to his teammates and when to score the ball himself.

UPS calls that logistics.

I don't know how to say that in French.