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Rob Gronkowski Vying For Madden NFL Cover

Rob Gronkowski set a high benchmark for Arizona tight ends past and future, in just two years. It’s taken him the same amount of time to become a bona fide NFL star, and set a new standard for professional tight ends by establishing the single season touchdown mark. Now, Gronkowski wants to grace the cover of EA Sports’ Madden NFL video game series.

After busting out his 1000th push-up rep, Gronkowski challenges a friend to a game, and promptly does what Gronk does best: scores a red zone touchdown. That has to be Madden cover material. And if it's not, who’s to tell him otherwise? Certainly not Megatron.

The viewer will notice from the above video that Gronk has a Fathead of himself proudly displayed on the wall. Let’s be honest, though – you would be more surprised if he didn’t. The spike of a Megatron action figure is a nice touch, playfully jabbing at fellow potential Madden cover athlete Calvin Johnson.

Gracing Madden’s cover is an honor, but for the superstitious lot, it’s more of a curse. For a player like Gronkowski, who missed the entire 2009 season due to back injury, tempting the football gods might not be the best idea.

Nevertheless, a former Wildcat appearing on a game millions will purchase is unprecedented, and outstanding free advertising for the football program. It would be one step more for solidifying Gronk as the official face of UA football.

Prior to Gronkowski’s sudden emergence as a media darling and fantasy football favorite, Tedy Bruschi was Mr. Arizona. The Desert Swarm captain turned New England Patriot star (and to some, rightful Super Bowl XXXIX MVP) could not be further on the public persona spectrum than Gronkowski.

Bruschi appears as at home on the set of ESPN studio shows as he did the gridiron; Gronkowski seems like he would be as comfortable buying a round at Dirtbags as he is catching passes from Tom Brady. Bruschi was most famous for returning from a career threatening debilitation; Gronkowski has overcome the same, but he is most famous for cavorting with an adult film star.

The differences are numerous, but unifying them is the navy and red in their veins.