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Bill Walton reportedly will call Pac-12 games for ESPN

There's not much I could write to do this justice, so off the bat, here's a tweet for you courtesy Sports by Brooks.

It's been a minute since we've had the pleasure of listening to the ever-articulate, historically-educated man talk about basketball.

Now, we'll be listening to it on a weekly basis for Pac-12 basketball games that we were going to watch already.

Furthermore, this just reminds us that we'll actually be able to watch those games we want to watch. You know, like when one of college basketball's best revenue-generating teams is playing basketball. Kind of a big deal, but sometimes Fox Sports Arizona would have rather showed the ending to a high school, DIII quarterfinal.

Enough complaining, though.

Luke's dad is back. And we're about to get some quality broadcasts of Pac-12 hoops. That's what's important here.

Can I have a Marv Albert "YES"?