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Breaking down the Arizona Wildcats' athletic expenses, revenues

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(Courtesy USA Today)

USA Today released its yearly breakdown of NCAA athletic program revenues and expenses for 2011 on Monday, and above is the detailed account for the Arizona Wildcats athletic department.

Of course, the numbers for the Pac-12 are likely to make considerable leaps as the league enters into its massive television deal with ESPN and Fox. Back then, it was estimated that could add $13 million to Arizona's rights/licensing column in the above graphic.

The Wildcats brought in the fifth-most revenue of the eight non-private Pac-10 schools of 2011 at more than $59 million. That was slightly behind the $61 million brought in by Colorado, formerly of the Big 12, and more than the $38 million brought in by fellow newcomer and former Mountain West member Utah, which would be last in revenue among the new Pac-12 schools.

Oregon leads the Pac-12 public schools at nearly $86 million in 2011 total revenues.

As seen above, the Wildcats actually stand in the middle or closer to the bottom in both spending and earning compared to the rest of the conference.

On a positive note, the Wildcats are one of the least-reliant athletic departments in the Pac-12 in percent of subsidy funds from the school. Only Oregon, UCLA and Washington have smaller percentage subsidies and total subsidies than Arizona, who receives about $7.4 million in school help, or 12.5 percent of their income.

The Texas Longhorns were the most profitable school in the nation, bringing in more than $150 million and spending $134.