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A tweetcap of Andre Iguodala's destruction of the Boston Celtics


(GIF courtesy Mike Prada)

Simultaneously with the softball team run-ruling North Dakota State 11-0 in its first postseason game and the baseball team in a tight battle with the USC Trojans, former Arizona hoopster Andre Iguodala scored eight points in the final 3:11 of his Philadelphia 76ers' game against the Boston Celtics to win 92-83 on Friday night.

Iggy finished with 16 points, seven boards and four assists, and had a pretty bad game going before drilling two threes and a fadeaway 17-footer that put the Sixers ahead for good. Now, the series is tied 2-2.

From a behind-the-back pass that came at a really bad time to his clutch heroics, I give you a recap of the event via Twitter.