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Video: A plea for Andre Iguodala to dunk more

Former Arizona Wildcats hoopster Andre Iguodala is at it again. Of course, we're going to chronicle how he does in the playoffs because as of now he's the only former Wildcat left in the NBA playoffs.

However, we can't overlook the (possibly) top three most vicious dunk of this year's playoffs.

Look, I know the guy scored eight clutch-as-hell points with jump shots after having a bad game in Game 4 of the series against the Boston Celtics. But the enigma of Iguodala comes from his often-passive approach to the game, which is good for being a good teammate, but a little disappointing when you consider that he can attack the rim like he does above.

If you're reading this Andre, we'd like to see more of these violent rim-shattering dunks.

And we'd like to see you initiate them rather than have them come by way of broken plays and a "Oh, I guess I should dunk it," attitude.

You can do it. All. Night. Long.