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Grandon and Ebbele return soonish and it's big for Arizona

Partially suspended Arizona Wildcats Jourdon Grandon and Fabbians Ebbele could return to the team in a full-time capacity in the next week, according to Ryan Finley of the Arizona Daily Star.

Both were charged with assault and trespassing after a party brawl on March 2. Grandon's case has been dismissed already, and Ebbele's lawyer told the Star that the same is expected of his client. The two Wildcats were participating in voluntary workouts but weren't part of spring practices.

The return of each is a good sign for the sake of Rich Rodriguez's on-the-field results.

At 6-foot-8, 310 pounds, Ebbele was a big part of the Wildcats young and now experienced offensive line that will be in charge of protecting Arizona's most valuable player -- Matt Scott. Meanwhile, Grandon will add experience and solid playmaking abilities to a secondary that, at this point, has zero-to-no depth and little experience on top of it.