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The Scale of Uncertain Positions on the 2012 Arizona Football Team

The 2012 football season is not only about implementing Rich Rodriguez's run-heavy spread, and it's not only about allowing Jeff Casteel's stack defense to gel over the course of a year.

No, patience isn't the only obstacle. Personnel is another.

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The Arizona Wildcats, while not left by Mike Stoops with a bare cupboard, have holes across the board. Some of it has been turnover and some of it has been injury, but there's a number of core groups that we're looking at without knowing who the No. 1 guy might be going into this season.

By position, we look at the three biggest uncertainties on the Arizona football team from a scale of "I have bacon neck" to "this place is burning down."

Wide receiver

How uncertain? Kind of uncomfortable, like I have bacon neck

Potential No. 1: Tyler Slavin, Dan Buckner

Sleepers: Johnny Jackson, Richard Morrison

Questionable: Garic Wharton, freshmen, Austin Hill (injured)


Defensive backs

How uncertain? Prepare to live with ugly, like a bad tattoo

Potential No. 1: Tra'Mayne Bondurant, Marquis Flowers, Shaq Richardson

Sleepers: Mark Watley, Jourdon Grandon

Questionable: Jonathan McNight


Defensive ends

How uncertain? Call the ambulance

Potential No. 1: Dan Pettinato, Dame Ndiaye, Lamar De Rego

Sleepers: Let me check my crystal ball.

Questionable: Like predicting the weather.