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A highlight to remember: Derrick Williams' dunk against Duke in Sweet 16

Maybe it's because it's fresh in my mind. Maybe my favorite highlight of the Arizona Wildcats is a result of short-term memory retention -- or lack thereof.

There was too much history in Arizona's run in 2011 NCAA tournament, too much significance. It all led to the Sweet 16 game against the Duke Blue Devils.

Still, one play stands out. This highlight defines that run, the climax of recent memory.

Context is of importance in why this was the highlight I go back to so frequently. Remember, this 2010-11 Arizona basketball team was the seedling of the Sean Miller era that in the blink of an eye was blossoming. All of a sudden, the Wildcats were on an insurmountable run to meet the defending NCAA champs and one of the most storied programs in college hoops.

For Arizona fans, there was still a sting from 10 years prior, when the two squads met in the championship game and the Blue Devils came out victorious.

Then came redemption in 2011.

Duke looked far and away the better team after the first half and led 44-38, a margin that would've been much larger had Derrick Williams not scored 25 points in the first 20 minutes. Of course, his teammates stepped up in the second half.

They overwhelmed Duke's senior stars Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler. But the defining play in that game -- there were many to choose from, too -- was Williams' final dunk.

[Watch at the 3:17 on the video above or click here to jump to it]

It's a 71-61 lead for Arizona with eight minutes to go. The Blue Devils are on their heels, but they're by no means out of the game at the moment.

Off a screen for Momo Jones atop the circle, Williams pops out. He faces up as Blue Devil center Miles Plumlee recovers off the hedge, and for a split second Williams shows a shot. As Plumlee streaks by him, Williams puts it on the deck.

One dribble with his left, a quick insurance dribble with his right to avoid the travel and it's time to take off. Williams loads up with two steps. As he explodes toward the rim, ball in his right hand, Williams reaches out with his left as if he could've dunked two balls -- one in each hand. He finishes with his right as Singler refuses to step in his path.

Game over. The Blue Devils' backs are broken with one slashing power forward's dunk.

I'm too young to remember much, so what's your favorite highlight of the Arizona Wildcats in the past? Ortege Jenkins' Leap by the Lake? A Salim Stoudamire game-winner? Let us know in the comments below.