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The Scale of the Best Positions on the 2012 Arizona Wildcats Football Team

On Monday, I discussed the three most uncertain positions on the Arizona football team. Today, I'm playing Positive Percy and hyping up what should be the most settled and worry-free positions on the gridiron for Rich Rodriguez's Wildcats.

Let's be real. Arizona won't be fighting with toothpicks entirely across the board.

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It's not completely far-fetched to say the Wildcats have some very promising talent on their roster. Injuries and defections away from the program might've hurt but not everything is looking grim. There might even be one unit that's deep as H-E double hockey sticks.

In order from so-so to solid as a rock, here's a look at positions that as wholes should be pretty good for the Arizona Wildcats in 2012.


How good will they be? At least there's one crazy good player in this group.

Potential No. 1: Jake Fischer

The depth: Sophomore Rob Hankins, Sophomore Hank Hobson



How good will they be? Great, fantastic, amazing ... unless someone gets hurt, in which case we'll be screaming, "Noooo!"

Potential No. 1: Redshirt senior Matt Scott

The depth: Wide receiver Richard Morrison, Louisian Tech transfer Nick Isham, J.C. transfer BJ Denker, freshman Javelle Allen, freshman Josh Kern


Running back

How good will they be? Untouchable? If Ka'Deem Carey becomes a star, in the relative scheme of things, that might be the case. Worst case is there's depth and versatility.

Potential No. 1: Ka'Deem Carey, Ka'Deem Carey and Ka'Deem Carey

The depth: Daniel Jenkins, Greg Nwoko, Kylan Butler