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Senior Rule: Solomon Hill, Mark Lyons and their NBA potential

There's a slim-to-none chance that the Arizona Wildcats have a former player selected in tonight's NBA Draft. Kyle Fogg and Brendon Lavender will likely be left to sign onto teams as free agents, and while they could potentially make a Summer League roster, the draft won't be kind to either graduated guard.

So barring any surprises, this evening will likely mark the rare occurrence of the Wildcats not being represented in the draft. When will Arizona return?

Possibly next year, and that's even if the crop of freshmen and sophomore Nick Johnson don't work their way into view of NBA scouts.

Seniors-to-be Mark Lyons and Solomon Hill both have potential to work their way into the second round -- if not the first -- of the 2013 NBA Draft. While Lyons' size at 6-foot-1 and his lack of pure point guard skills could hurt, a year under coach Sean Miller could push his stock upward.

More likely is the chance that Hill improves when surrounded by a well-rounded roster in the 2012-13 NCAA season. In our link dump earlier today, we pointed out that Rush the Court compared Hill to Luke Walton and Andre Iguodala, two former Wildcats that, like Hill, built their success upon their basketball smarts and point-forward roles at the college level.