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Richard Jefferson and Mike Bibby were coveted NBA draft pieces

Let's reminisce for a second. When no Arizona Wildcats were taken in the 2012 NBA Draft, we can still appreciate how frequently UA basketball players are selected to play with the pros.

Two distinct cases include Richard Jefferson and Mike Bibby. Jefferson has been an interesting case, a third-piece to teams like the New Jersey Nets and San Antonio Spurs. Now, he's relegated to whatever postseason, if any, that the Golden State Warriors can come up with.

Meanwhile, Bibby was part of an upstart Grizzlies squad, then moved to a deadly Sacramento Kings team before he fell out of favor in Atlanta, Miami and (sort of) New York.

The point here is that Arizona players have found themselves in good situations. I suppose Gilbert Arenas has sulked around Orlando and Memphis in recent years, but on the day after the NBA draft, it's fair to celebrate those Wildcats who made good out of their careers -- and in more than individual ways.