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Get your Gronk Zubaz pants

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry about posting another Gronk update. While we can't really turn this site into a niche market GronkBlog, there's a tacit agreement that you will put up with the myriad of Rob Gronkowski (and Chris!) posts during this time of the year.

The latest out of Gronk Nation is the website's selling of Zubaz, which Rob infamously wore on South Padre Island, Texas, this summer.

[Buy Zubaz from Gronk Nation here]

While I'm not sure if this is that well-marketed of a plan as of yet -- these just look like regular Zubaz without any Gronk insignia and the like -- it's no doubt a solid business partnership.

Both parties will profit, and an old fad could come back to life thanks to the young Patriots tight end.

As an owner of Zubaz pants myself (one time after a few beers, two of my college roommates and I decided it was a good investment), I can tell you firsthand that they're extremely comfortable as pajamas with hefty-sized pockets. Also, I recommend wearing them for Halloween anytime you need to look like a Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator from the 1990s. Not that you should ever be a Baltimore Ravens OC from the 1990s, but just sayin'.

Here's the tweet from Gronk Nation advertising the pants.