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Links: ASU's Patterson not concerned with UA uprising, Glenn Parker talks Pac-12 Networks

  • Arizona State Vice President of Athletics Steve Patterson gave The Arizona Republic's Dan Bickley a good interview regarding the Sun Devils chasing of the the Arizona Wildcats' program since Greg Byrne's arrival. Oddly, Bickley forgets to mention that Patterson's place at ASU is thanks to the Sun Devils ouster of former AD Lisa Love, who struggled to keep the main money generators of football and men's basketball afloat. Ironically, it's an ASU grad in Byrne who has brought the change in the state's collegiate sport scenery. Here's Bickley on ASU building a program: "That starts with a revamped football program and new coach Todd Graham, who has been described as the closest thing to (Frank) Kush since the original. But the competition is getting fierce, and it wasn't that long ago that ASU's primary rival seemed on the ropes. After the Lute Olson saga, the Mike Stoops era and the departure of Cactus League baseball, Tucson felt like a dying city. The dynamics have changed considerably. Yet Patterson said he feels no additional pressure, and he concedes nothing."
  • Glenn Parker tells Doug Haller that it took a perfect storm of many bad things for the Mike Stoops era to come to a close. In addition, he says it'll take time in the RichRod era; patience is key for Arizona fans. But who likes patience?
  • Anthony Gimino brings up a solid and sort of sad point. The Arizona football team never known to produce quality pro quarterbacks isn't much better at producing talented NFL running backs, and that's despite having a number of big names through the years. Even the most talented of backs like Clarence Farmer have struggled to stick around in college. One Nic Grigsby struggled to remain healthy after he looked on pace to become a record-setter. Trung Canidate just never panned out to be an NFL great. And former second-round pick Chris Henry ... um, he had a really amazing game at Oregon once.
  • Ryan Finley writes of Arizona's lack of expectations coming into 2012. Rodriguez and the players, to their credit, aren't begging or whining about any missing respect. They realize they'll have to earn it, and as a fan, you've got to like that type of motivation working in the Wildcats' favor. If they're going to surprise anyone this season, at least they know they'll have to earn it with a gritty resolve that should be developing now and could have even started last spring.