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Rob Gronkowski is shocked on 'The Choice'

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Rob Gronkowski is single and ready to mingle. He appeared on Fox's TV show "The Choice." I really have no clue as to how this thing works, but here's a little video clip of Gronk picking a potential female companion.

The video above, however, might be one of the better Gronk videos circulating the web yet.

This contestant (?) or participant (??) is fluent in a long list of languages, but that's not what catches the former Wildcat's ear. Props to the producers of this show for the following; the woman goes on to say that "you wouldn't guess this by looking at me, but I'm actually a virgin."

That's when the shot switches to Gronkowski's face -- it's priceless.

It's the same jaw-dropping sinking expression you'd get from Gronk if you told him that he's not allowed to play football anymore. Or maybe if you said he is not allowed to dance. Or wear Zubaz. OR HAVE FUN!