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The potential of the Arizona Wildcats' Terrence Miller

The Arizona Wildcats aren't in the position they're used to regarding the usual depth of their wide receiver position. It's something that we've gotten accustomed to over the last few years, but the remnants of the Sonny Dykes era are all but gone.

Outside of Dan Buckner, there are only question marks. But one wideout we can look at with hope is Terrence Miller, the sometimes-injured, sometimes under-utilized player who has yet to put together more than three good games.The 6-foot-4, 228 pound player who plays like a hybrid of a tight end and a receiver is back from a lacerated kidney that he hurt this spring, according to Ryan Finley, and Miller has a chance to become a threat.

Why is Miller a guy with high potential? Look back to his sophomore year of 2010, when he finished off the regular season with games of 116 yards, 96 yards and 74 yards. Last year, Miller only caught one pass through the first eight games before taking the field much more during the final four outings.

So with that, we propose that the opportunity is on the table for the senior wideout. Whether he can take advantage of that remains to be seen.