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Led by seniors, Arizona Wildcats win Bahamas exhibition 136-66

On a team defined by its freshman recruiting class, there's no doubt the bar set for this season will rely greatly upon three seniors. And in that, a 136-66 blowout by the Arizona Wildcats of the Real Deal Shockers in the Bahamas on Saturday was more of an affirmation of that point rather than a game to be judged by a lop-sided score.

Kevin Parrom led UA with 21 points and was assisted by senior transfer Mark Lyons' 18 and Solomon Hill's 17. Nick Johnson filled up the stat sheet with 13 points, eight rebounds and six steals as the Wildcats overmatched their opponents in the exhibition, while freshman Brandon Ashley added a double-double with 14 points and 10 rebounds.

It's hard to take much more from this game. It's a bonding session and an opportunity for Sean Miller to coach a team full of new faces. Expectations will be learned and so will familiarity, something both this website and Sean Miller have touched on already.

I can give you the short-list of impressive numbers, but here's the big one.

Of Arizona's 54 made field goals, 32 came by way of assists. And against a inferior team, I'm sure that could actually be a better ratio.

Miller said in a team video that turnovers were an issue, so there will be enough talking points as the Wildcats move to their next exhibition game against the Bahama All-Stars on Monday.

Some videos prepared by the athletic department are below the jump.