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Video: Matt Scott and Jake Fischer talk to Dan Rubenstein

SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein caught up with Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott and linebacker Jake Fischer at Pac-12 Media Day to discuss the upcoming season. Fischer gives a good talk on how the 3-3-5 defense engineering by defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel will provide some disguises again the plethora of high-scoring offenses in the conference.

Fischer of course missed last season with an ACL injury after showing a lot of improvements during his sophomore campaign. He leads a linebacker group that's young and without depth, but as a whole, Fischer will be counted upon as a leader.

And considering how badly the defense apparently appeared during the team's first practice scrimmage at Ft. Huachuca on Saturday, Fischer and crew have a long way to go. The quarterbacks tore up the defense and Scott went 16-of-18 for 193 yards. The defense allowed 552 yards as a whole.

After the jump, check out Dan's interview with Scott, who tells us that the tempo -- not the playbook -- is the most difficult part of Rich Rodriguez's offense.