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Iggy Watch: Without Three Iguodala 3-Pointers, USA Only Beats Nigeria By 74

Ron Burgundy most accurately sums up Team USA's 156-73 beating of Nigeria in Thursday's Olympic match-up:

Indeed, the Americans jumped ahead by a lot. Early. And Mike Krzyzewski shamelessly ran up the score did not let up as Team USA set a new single game scoring record.

Andre Iguodala's nine points could be called...inconsequential, let's say. However, all nine came from behind the 3-point arc on perfect 3-for-3 shooting, contributing to the squad's astounding 63 percent average from deep (29-46). It wasn't quite Carmelo Anthony hitting 10-12 en route to 37 points, but at the very least Iguodala added an Arizona flavor to Olympic lore.

An interesting stat is that in the last two games, Iguodala is a combined 6-7 from the floor. He is 6-8 overall, having taken a single shot in limited participation vs. France.