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Josiah Turner will play in Hungary

Getty Images

The Josiah Turner story is supposedly wrapping up for now. While it once felt like it'd never come to end, the former Arizona Wildcats point guard is apparently taking his talents to Hungary.

Turner tweeted the news to former teammate Kevin Parrom yesterday, and Yahoo!'s Jeff Eisenberg confirmed the news today.

That's all good news for Turner, who told Eisenberg earlier this year that he'd looked his problems with alcohol and marijuana straight in the eye.

Turner will have a chance to make a big-time paycheck overseas should he sign with a team that's not wishy-washy (some Euro clubs can be questionable with their practices of paying American players). He wouldn't have that chance in the D-League, which was under consideration when he decided to go pro rather than attend SMU.

Still, treating basketball as a job and a business will be an adjustment for the young point guard. Add in the fact that he won't have people around him that he trusts and the draw of having money to spend, and it's a slippery slope.

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