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Nick Foles draws an eagle wing, Alshon Jeffery possibly uses 'bear down' incorrectly

Nick Foles is pretty good on the football field. He can read and react to plays because he's studious, a fact not lost to us after Monday night's stellar preseason game.

He can probably draw some plays up as well. After last season went south, Foles even was allowed to call the first 12-15 plays to get the offense off to a hot start.

But he isn't that great at drawing up Philadelphia Eagles eagle wings. As you might find by clicking on that link, Foles and some other rookies were allowed to draw up their own rookie player cards by card company Panini America. The former Arizona Wildcat decided to get Philly friendly, and while not an art masterpiece, I can't say I'd do any better.

It was better than some other players' pieces.